Photos for 2019

A selection of photos from our 2019 Tour de Furness

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The DOUBLE Page spread in the North West Mail

Consiton - early morning on 8th September, our riders circumnavigate the Lake. Bliss !

riders on the coast road

Riders on the Coast Road

Barrow Blind Society - two tandem teams, blind peddaler and sighted pilot.

Barrow & Districts Society for the Blind had two tandem teams in the 13 mile ride, trying out a new project to get blind people active and cycling.They currentl have two tandems and are with volunteers regualrly taking blind riders out into our local countryside. Great stuff.

early start

An early start - 6:00 am

50 Mile riders from the Orsted team signing in

The SPIRIT Energy Team, several riders travelled from Aberdeen to take part.

Catering in FULL SWING