Rotaract Fun Run to raise funds for other causes

Our Cause:

    Since the year 2000, the UNESCO Institute for statistics have reported that over 90% of children have access to primary education: an unprecedented statistic. Nevertheless, around 25% of students drop out after primary school. Because education does not only increase the well-being of the population, but leads to greater discourse and social change, it is crucial to continue fighting for its universal accessibility: a greater leap forward which requires global participation.

    That is why, at Rotaract, we have started RotaRUN

Our Chosen Charity: A Girl, A 'K, A Year

    Every year many girls in rural areas of Kenya find that they have to stay away from school during their menses. This means that they often find themselves falling behind and even sometimes drop out of the education system all together. This has repercussions on the whole country as literacy rates of Kenyan women are significantly low. This project provides sanitary towels and underwear to the girls so that they can attend school full time and improve their education.

Latest Up-Date:

    The Government in Kenia have now introduced a plan to provide all girls of school age with sanitary products. A great step forward and we hope that the project we supported helped in some small way to bring this about. We are now looking for another project to support.

Our Project:

    On th 6th of May, we hosted the run supporting our chosen charity. It took place on the University of Warwick Campus and covered a distance of 5km. It was open to the whole surrounding community, including individuals from Leamington Spa, Coventry, and Warwick students themselves. 

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