Questions and Answers about the Project


1. What is RotaRUN?

RotaRUN is an initiative of the members of the Rotaract Club of Warwick University, UK to raise money for the Brydges Center in Nairobi, Kenya. Each participant will run 5k and help to raise funds. We invite Rotaract Clubs from all over the world to join us in this initiative!

2. How can Rotaract Clubs get involved?

Rotaract Clubs can get involved in RotaRUN by organizing their own run according to the RotaRUN guidelines and getting in touch with a RotaRUN coordinator from the Rotaract Club of Warwick University (via e-mail or by messaging the Facebook page of the Rotaract Club of Warwick University). Alternatively, a Rotaract Club can join another organizing club's run.

3. How can interested clubs get more information regarding RotaRUN?

Interested Rotaract Clubs can get more information regarding RotaRUN by emailing their RotaRUN coordinator (the person who sent them details about RotaRUN).

4. Our Rotaract Club hasn’t been contacted by RotaRUN but we would still like to participate. What do we do?

If your Rotaract Club has not been contacted but would still like to participate in RotaRUN contact any one of the coordinators by sending them an email. Please contact any one of the coordinators. The RotaRUN coordinators are:

  • Alex Majewski
  • Fatima Shehzad
  • Tamara Lee Noiman
  • Tamara Kruczek
  • Wojciech Gątarski
  • John Hughes (Royal Leamington Spa Rotary Club)

5. Do all Rotaract Clubs have to support the same charity?

No! Each Rotaract Club can select their own charity they would like to support with their run. Clubs can also join together to support any charity with their runs. They should just notify the RotaRUN coordinators of their selected charity. It should be kept in mind that all money raised through RotaRUN should be sent to the charity.

6. What kind of charities can be supported?

Any charity that is related to education or works for the education of the less privileged can be supported by the run.

7. What do participating Rotaract Clubs have to do after their run?

After their run, within one week, Rotaract Clubs have to submit a write up with pictures of their run to their RotaRUN coordinator . It should include, apart from any other information, how many people participated in the run and how much money was raised in total.

8. When should Rotaract Clubs let RotaRUN know if they want to participate?

Rotaract Clubs should let RotaRUN coordinators know if they want to participate at most three weeks after establishing contact with a RotaRUN coordinator.

9. What do Rotaract Clubs have to do for the run?

For the run, each Rotaract Club must make a full plan for their run including route, start and end points, and length. They should get in touch with the charity they are supporting and let them know of their plans. All Rotaract Clubs must give run participants wristbands in the red/pink Rotaract color with the Rotaract logo and the ‘RotaRUN Move. Educate. Empower.’ message. Wristbands are compulsory for all Rotaract Clubs. They are free to make any additional plans as well.

10. What planning do Rotaract Clubs have to submit to RotaRUN prior to their run?

Prior to the run, each Rotaract Club has to let RotaRUN coordinators know: name and contact details of one contact person, date, place, and time of the run, length of the run (we recommend 5k), and the charity that will be supported.

11. How can Rotaract Clubs raise money for their run?

Rotaract Clubs can raise money for their run in any way that they feel suitable. You are all welcome to be as innovative as you want. Just to give you some ideas, you can do so by:

  • Selling tickets to the run
  • Having stalls selling food and drink
  • Selling t-shirts with RotaRUN and Rotaract logos
  • Getting other organizations to partner with you or sponsor your run

12. Can the run be supported by other organizations?

Yes, the run can be supported by any organization and as many organizations. However, there should be at least one Rotaract Club coordinating it.

13. Can Rotaract Clubs put up logos of supporting organizations?

Of course! Logos of supporting organizations can be put up. But it is important to make sure that the Rotaract logo is always there.

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Questions and Answers about the Project