You can change the full-width carousel ratio, to see it in action:

This site is being set up to provide tutorials and 'good practice' for users of the website templates. Until they are all finished, please refer to the tutorials on the RIBI Template site - most of the processes are very similar

The homepage has various options for display which are set by the site administrator, including;

  • A full-width carousel of images (in either 'letterbox' or 'normal', 3:2, ratio, as above) OR
  • pages that you want to highlight as 'Featured' will display as a carousel (if no full-width carousel is chosen) or a list of thumbnail images (if there is a full-width carousel)
  • Optional display of: meetings/events/calendar, club officers, links in the horizontal menu bar.
  • If you add pages that are 'meetings' or 'events' - i.e. with a date, if they occur within 30 days of today, they will appear (with their photo and description, if provided) on the right of the page. If no pages occur within the next 30 days, the 'main menu' is duplicated, but showing the main picture and description for each page.
  • Meeting information - including a venue picture, URL and a Google Map are also easily added.
  • You can add your club Facebook or Twitter feed to the home page

If you would like a site for your club or project, please see the main site, from where you can register.

The site homepage - several displays are available

The home page can display in a variety of different ways - all easily managed by the site administrator


Creating and organising folders in your server space, using the advanced html editor