Homepage display options

Choose which elements, and how they display on the home page

Display button options on the home page

From the 'Public Pages' menu at the top of the page in the administrators area, select 'homepage and options'. The content of the homepage will be there for you to update, but in the menu (usually on the left, but it may be elsewhere if using a phone!) is a further menu, as shown in the screenshot above. Select 'homepage display options'

The first option is where you choose how you want 'featured' pages to be displayed. When you go to update a page, you can choose to make it 'featured', so it will display on the home page, in addition to other areas. This means you don't need to create a duplicate entry about it in the body of the home page.

This uses the 'main picture' of each featured page and you can either display the featured pages as a 'slideshow' or as static thumbnail images. If you have a full-width carousel of images, these featured pages are displayed as thumbnails.

A maximum of 5 'featured' pages are displayed - if you have more than 5, a random selection is made each time the home page opens

Next, you can choose which buttons are displayed near the top of each public page;

The 'main menu' is automatically filled by the 'main pages' you create; you can't disable that button.

'Project' type sites probably don't want to display Meetings and Events' or 'Officers'.

If you do have the 'meetings and events' button displayed, one of its menu items is a calendar of events. You can choose your preferred display view (month or year) or not to display it in the menu.

The 'photo galleries' page is automatically filled with any pages that have a 'slideshow' on them - the site administrator doesn't need to do anything!

The 'Links and News' page enables an RSS feed from Rotary International (in your chosen language) and also enables you to create your own links to other sites. You can choose not to display this button if you wish.

The site home page

The site homepage - several displays are available

Display button options on the home page

Choose which elements, and how they display on the home page

meeting details screenshot

How to add your meeting details to your site